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Our Rehab Team  
  Rehabilitation experts from many different disciplines come together to form the patient’s treatment team. Depending upon the patient’s individualized plan of care, he/she may work with some of or all of the following professionals:

Upon your admission, your rehabilitation team steps in to care for you immediately to ensure that your specific needs are met from the very beginning. In addition to your physician, your team will include members of our therapy department, rehabilitation nurses and a case manager. Depending on your specific rehabilitation needs, other clinicians, such as a dietitian or social worker, may be a part of your team. And keep in mind, you and your family are key members of your treatment team. Your input is vital and necessary in order for the GRRH team to develop your personalized plan of care.

Rehabilitation Doctor
A physician specializing in physical medicine and rehabilitation will serve as your primary physician during your stay. This physician will lead the treatment team delivering your personalized and progressive rehabilitation program. Depending upon your specific medical needs, you may be seen by other physicians as well to guarantee your rehabilitation program is complete and maximizes your recovery.

Rehabilitation Nurse
Along with other team members, your primary nurse manages your treatment and personalizes your plan of care based upon your medical needs. In addition to your primary nurse, patient care technicians will provide consistency and continuity of your rehabilitation program between both the nursing and therapy care you receive.

Case Manager
Your case manager, together with your physician, ensures that your needs are met at GRRH. In addition to providing you and your family with progress reports, the case manager coordinates your discharge needs such as outpatient treatment, home care and equipment. Your case manager is available to discuss your insurance coverage and billing questions.

Physical and Occupational Therapists
Your physical therapist helps you to work on any problems that you may have with weakness, lack of mobility, movement, balance and stamina. Your occupational therapist will assist you with learning to carry out activities of daily living, including eating and meal preparation, personal hygiene, dressing and housekeeping.

Speech-Language Pathologist
Your speech-language pathologist assists you with any problems that may hinder your ability to read, write, speak, swallow, understand or focus. Individual, group and specialized techniques are available to help you enhance these skills.

Respiratory Therapist

Respiratory therapists provide specialized treatment and work to improve pulmonary function.

Your dietitian ensures that your therapeutic diet provides you with the necessary nutrition to help with your course of therapy. Your dietitian also provides you and your family with educational guidelines to follow when you return home.

Other Health Care Professionals
Other professionals are available to join your rehabilitation team as indicated by your health needs and goals.